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Horseshoe Lake Golf Course
1250 SW Clubhouse Ct
Port Orchard, WA 98367

Video Analysis

Video is the best feedback a student can get. Seeing is believing. Once you see your mistakes you will learn faster from them. This lesson involves filming your golf swing on the driving range. I then will analyze key features including swing plane, swing path, key positions, comparisons and recommendations to improve. Using video gives the student instant feedback to make the improving process quicker.

One of the easiest way to save strokes is to learn how to get up and down from around the green. Chipping and pitching is crucial in golf especially if you don’t hit many greens in regulation. This lesson focuses on the differences between chipping and pitching and in what situation to use them. The different techniques used and how to perform different type of shot around the green. This includes controlling chipping distance and controlling the flight of pitching shots.


Putting is one of the most important aspects of golf. Improving your putting can lower your scores very fast. This lesson is focused on the art of putting. I will be testing the consistency of your putt, your technique, tempo and make recommendations to improve.